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10 Terrific Things to Do in Fargo, ND

There’s a very good chance that you’ve watched the Coen Brothers movie “Fargo”. If not, then you’ve at least heard of it. This movie might’ve sparked your interest in the city, which is very much a real one!

Are you now interested in and excited to visit Fargo, ND? Then you should know about all the major attractions to hit up. Read on for 10 terrific things to do in Fargo, ND!

1. Go to Lindenwood Park

Are you a nature lover? Then Lindenwood Park will definitely wow you. This is actually the largest multi-use park in the city, so if there’s any park to visit in Fargo, then it’s this one.

Photo Credit: Amber Lien / Flickr

Not only are there 7 baseball fields, but there’s also the Universal Playground. You’ll also find lots of shelters for picnics that can fit up to 200 people. There are also charcoal grills and bathrooms so everyone can hang out in comfort and convenience.

You and your family can also go hiking, biking, and skating on the trails throughout Lindenwood Park. If you want to stay overnight, there’s also a campground available.

2. Have a Look at the Plains Art Museum

The Plains Art Museum is highly educational and fun to visit, especially when it’s a rainy day outside. It’s conveniently located on First Avenue North, so it’s close to other downtown activities. The museum itself is located in the International Harvester Warehouse, which was bought and restored in 1994 by the museum.

Photo Credit: Plains Art Museum

Inside, you’ll find a permanent collection that features 3,000 words of art. These include both local and national art from a variety of styles, such as traditional folk and contemporary. And as the name of the museum suggests, it also has traditional Native American art.

What’s really cool is the Plains Art Museum has a Rolling Plains Art Gallery. It’s a mobile art gallery on a semi-trailer that goes around distributing art outside the city.

3. Go Visit the Fargo Air Museum

The Fargo Air Museum is another place to put on your North Dakota vacation list, especially if you like all things aviation. What’s special about this museum is it’s located at the Hector International Airport on 19th Avenue North.

Photo Credit: Fargo Air Museum

You’ll get to see a vast collection of historic airplanes. And most of them are still in flying condition too! Throughout the year, the museum has guest flying aircraft on display, so no matter when you visit, you’ll see something new.

This museum has one of the Midwest’s largest aviation libraries, which is no small feat. It’s also got many tour opportunities, so sign up for one for the full experience.

4. Explore Bonanzaville USA

Bonanzaville USA is run by the Cass County Historical Society and is located on Main Avenue West. This museum spans 12 acres and has 47 historic buildings, which have been carefully moved from their original locations to this museum.

Photo Credit: Fargo Moorhead CVB / Flickr

What this means is you can step into Bonanzaville and instantly feel like you’ve been transported into the past. You’ll walk past old buildings like a fire station, jail, church, and schoolhouse.

Within the museum are other mini-museums, such as the telephone museum. It’ll be a fun learning experience for the entire family!

5. Spend a Day at the Red River Zoo

The Red River Zoo first opened up in 1999 and has been educating the public about wildlife for over 3 decades. It’s home to 300 animals that come from 75 distinct species. They live across 33 acres of land, which features ponds and hills, and everything in between, including over 500 trees and shrubs!

Photo Credit: Red River Zoo

If you’ve got the budget to do so, you should book an animal encounter. You can get up close and personal with porcupines and red pandas, which will be unforgettable, especially if you’ve got kids. You’ll treatures the pictures you get forever.

6. Catch a Game or Event at the Fargodome

The Fargodome is an indoor sports stadium built in 1992. It’s located on North Dakota State University’s campus on North University Drive. Naturally, it’s home to the university’s Bison football team!

Photo Credit: Fargo-Moorhead CVB / Flickr

Needless to say, if you’re a big fan of football, then you should try and catch a game here. But the Fargodome is more than just a football stadium; it also hosts events and concerts, so make sure you check the calendar to see if anything interesting’s happening while you’re planning a trip to Fargo.

This football stadium is massive, as it has a seating capacity of 18,700 for regular football games. The capacity actually increases to over 25,000 for other events, so it’ll be fun to attend a jam-packed concert!

7. Check Out North Dakota State University

While we’re on the subject of North Dakota State University, why not check out the campus itself?

This public university specializes in agriculture and applied science. It actually started out as the North Dakota Agricultural College in 1890 but since then, the university’s expanded its offerings. Today, they have over 100 undergraduate programs, as well as over 80 master’s and over 45 doctoral programs.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr

The campus has over 100 buildings, so it’s nice to stroll through and take a look at all the architecture. Make sure to stop by the Babbling Brook, which is a huge water feature on campus. It makes for great pictures!

8. Watch a Show at Fargo Theatre

Just as Willmar, MN has The Barn Theatre, Fargo’s got its own famous theatre as well: Fargo Theatre. This art deco-style theatre built in 1926 (and restored in 1999) is located on Broadway North in the downtown area, so it’s super convenient. It’s now listed on the US National Register of Historic Places, which is testimony to how gorgeous the building is.

Photo Credit: Fargo Theatre

Not only can you watch foreign and independent films here, but you can also catch musical concerts, dance performances, and more here. The theater seats 870 (including the balcony and orchestra area), so you won’t have to fret about getting a seat.

9. Grab a Meal at Black Coffee and Waffle Bar

Black Coffee and Waffle Bar is actually a chain, but their newest location is in Fargo, as of 2019! On your trip to North Dakota, you’ll want to grab a meal and a hot cup of coffee here.

Photo Credit: Black Coffee and Waffle Bar

You’ll get to taste local coffee made by Vitality Roasting from Minneapolis. If coffee’s too strong for you, then there’s an excellent selection of tea available too.

As you might’ve guessed from the name of the cafe, they serve up tasty waffle dishes. They have gluten-free waffles, so everyone can dig in.

If you’re in Minneapolis or Saint Paul, MN, you’ll find the other 2 locations of this chain. So if you can’t get enough of Black Coffee and Waffle Bar, take comfort in knowing you can get their good brews and food elsewhere too!

10. Have a Beer at Drekker Brewing Company

Rest your feet and head over to Drekker Brewing Company to relax and have a cold beer. They brew their own beer from hand with top-of-the-line equipment, so it’s no surprise that they’re known for their amazing beers.

Photo Credit: Black Coffee and Waffle Bar

Once you’ve ordered your beer, you can go sip it in the taproom. Here, you’ll see the equipment and the staff brewing beer in real-time.

If you’re going to Drekker Brewing Company with an empty stomach, you should know that they don’t serve food. They do have food trucks and vendors on-site sometimes, and they do sell small snacks, but not meals. So you’ll have to check out nearby places to fuel up either before or after (they allow outside food!).

FAQs About Things to Do in Fargo, ND

Got some questions about your trip to Fargo, ND? Then check out our FAQs to see if they’re answered below.

What’s So Special About Fargo, ND?

Fargo is the largest city in all of North Dakota. Its downtown is vibrant and has plenty of entertainment venues, restaurants, and hotels. It’s also home to North Dakota State University.

What’s There to Do in Fargo, ND at Night?

There are quite a few eateries and restaurants to have a nice dinner at. You can also grab a beer and watch a show at some bars too.

What’s the Weather in Fargo, ND Like?

In the summer, temperatures are nice and warm, plus the season is long. But wintertime is another story; it’s both snowy and windy. Expect partly-cloudy years all year long.

Put Fargo, ND on Your Vacation List

When visiting North Dakota, you’ll definitely want to put Fargo on your list. With all these things to do in Fargo, ND, you’re sure to go on an unforgettable vacation. And who knows, you might love it so much you’ll find yourself here again in the near future!

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